I’m Paul Rizy, and I understand that there’s a kid inside each of us that does not disapper as we age. It may hide out a little more than it did during youth, but a good toy or gadget is all that it takes to bring it out again. That is why I’ve started this blog: to let everyone know about the cool toys and gadgets that are out.

I’m from Middletown, CT, and on the east coast, we constantly see new, tech-savvy items being put out on the market. The deluge of new products makes it difficult to know what is actually worth going out and trying. That’s why I’m constantly reviewing new tech toys and gadgets, to let you know what you should try.

Plus, I love my research!

Contact me at gadgetsgizmostoys@techie.com if you have questions about a product or want gift ideas. I love what I do, and I love sharing what I know.